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Creating a buzz in 2020 featuring on Swish Music track "Showtime", Unamii stole the show with her hard hitting lyrics and immaculate flow. She followed it up appearing in Swish Music's track "Blow", and now she's finally ready to step into the limelight as her own solo artist.

Umamii, whose of Ugandan descent, was raised in New Zealand before moving to Australia with her family. She's currently a University student in Brisbane.

"I was around music my whole life. I was really inspired one day when my dad played me a Lil Wayne song, from that day I started writing raps. I started making music at age 12 secretly. [I view] rap as a form of art that I can compete with myself in. My style represents me. I’m super feminine but I’m always gonna tell you how it is and how I wanna tell you. My hard lyrics show that. I’m versatile and can manoeuvre on any beat".

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