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It's barely been a year since Nokz launched his music career, but he's already firmly staked his place as a hip-hop frontrunner with high-octane bangers, sunset melodies, and many sounds in between. The Samoan-Australian artist began making music at the age of 12, inspired by his older brother and fellow artist, AmuThaMC. They spent their formative years recording songs in makeshift garage studios around Forest Lake in Queensland, an area that Nokz says "is full of talent and potential that's going to waste. Hopefully I will be a lighthouse to everyone from my area; if I can make it in music, I want others to know that they can too".
In 2020, Nokz burst onto the scene with his unflinching single "Chat", putting his own imposing twist on the Australian drill sound. Word spread like wildfire, with "Chat"; soon hitting 500,000 streams as a DIY, independent release. "It blew me away," Nokz said of the reception. "I’m so humbled and blessed that others enjoy my music as much as I do." Nokz's follow up, '24' presented a more vulnerable side of his artistry but still retained a street edge, also displaying his raw abilities as a powerful singer. Having firmly established himself as Brisbane's frontrunner, Nokz collaborated with the city's like-minded artists including Lawd Lance and Ezra James, while also reaching interstate for a remix of Shely210's underground hit, 'Taking the P*ss.' Nokz also dipped his toes into other corners of the rap scene, fleshing out his aggressive wordplay and preference for punchlines on "Walk & Talk 4", an eyebrow-raising collaboration with Nerve.

Nokz wrapped up 2020 by again leaning on his melodic tendencies with "Into
Drinking", a more club-oriented single that again widened his sonic palette. Come 2021, Nokz has signed to Castille Records, the imprint run by collaborator and close friend, Lisi. It marks an exciting new chapter for Nokz, who says that he's "honoured to be a part of the team. I appreciate what they're doing not just for the community, but for the culture." Having earned millions of streams and thousands of dedicated fans in his first 12 months as an artist, Nokz is gearing up for his undeniable takeover in 2021.

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